SJTS Assessment & Achievement

Each student’s achievements are continually assessed. Teachers use a variety of assessment techniques including testing for knowledge and skills, observations, portfolios of student’s work and analysis of book, project and practical work.

Attitude, learning skills, social relationships and effort are considered equally important when looking at the overall development of the child. Detailed descriptive reports are given to parents four times a year and parent/teacher conferences are also held to discuss each student’s academic progress

Communicative Skills

A part from processing Academic Qualifications, Communication Skills plays a vital role in the life of Student. Hence Focus on Effective Communication Skills is a regular and constant feature of our Curricular Activities.

Students are trained in the following areas:

Group Discussions ,
Story Telling ,
Prepared Speech ,
Recitation Etc.,
This Program helps in building self-confidence and self-esteem.


Teaching and learning is aimed at making the most of childrens' natural curiosity to learn and inquisitiveness. In Early Years learning takes place principally through guided play.

Activity Based Teaching

Activity-based teaching is the basis of the academic methodology . The learning milieu is fostered by an approach to draw a link with real life and to provide practical experience. The focus of learning outcomes is to promote understanding of concepts and is skill-based.

The activity-based method, therefore, weaves into its fold, ample scope for projects, experiments that develops the faculties of reasoning and application. The curriculum is imparted using lateral thinking strategies, where the child discovers the joy of learning and realizes his/her own potential. This also facilitates a more comprehensive and holistic evaluation of the child.

IN Primary School

As work gradually becomes more structured in Primary School lessons are planned with a view to making them interesting and engaging. Personalised

Teachers plan lessons with differentiated outcomes allowing for a range of achievements. This enables teachers to match each lesson as closely as possible to individual needs whilst providing scope for pupils to be stretched academically.

IN Secondary School

As they move into Secondary School children receive teaching by subject specialists and work towards their A-Levels examinations. As well as academic progress, your child will develop into a responsible global citizen guided by our school’s principles of honesty, integrity, tolerance and respect for others. Pupils are encouraged to be inquisitive and to play a part in their own development. They are challenged and given the opportunity to discover their abilities.

We work hard to create an environment where children enjoy learning and feel safe and confident to participate. We believe that children should have fun while they are at school and that mistakes are simply learning opportunities.

at SJTS we ensure that every child achieves their potential and more. Through highly enjoyable and engaging learning experiences, pupils acquire the skills and knowledge set out in the English National Curriculum and also develop as their own individuals through a rich extra-curricular programme.


Excellent facilities support an ambitious programme that includes field games as well as gymnastics, cross country running, athletics and other outdoor activities.

The boys play rugby, football, futsal and hockey in the winter months, while the girls play netball, hockey and football. In the summer, the boys play cricket and the girls play rounders. Games play an important role in stimulating children mentally or physically and often both.

The School has a ground with a well-designed courts for Basket ball, Volley ball, Throwball and Khokho. Students are allowed to play cricket too. The class Time Table provides a Games period to each section thrice a week. Students practice mass drill on every Wednesday and Saturday.


Art and Design are embedded within the curriculum at all ages, right from our earliest experiences of art through play in Nursery to A Level Art and Design.

Encouraging creative thinking, self-expression and problem solving are just part of the picture. Art and Design also develops a greater awareness of the role played by the visual arts in society and in history, broadening our students’ cultural horizons and challenging their perceptions.


Drama is never just about the performance. It’s about the journey to that performance. Staging, lighting, make-up, back-stage, front of house. Our students can try their hand at all of these or they can choose to take their place in the spotlight.

Drama is a core component of the curriculum and weekly lessons are taken by all students. The primary goal is not always ‘theatrical’ performance, but rather developing confidence in articulate public speaking; teamwork skills; empathetic listening and understanding; general knowledge of theatre


Many of our students learn a musical instrument or sing, with plenty of opportunities to share their passion with the rest of the school and the wider community during the school year.

 Our chapel provides a beautiful venue for events such as concerts and carols and the drama hall is used on a daily basis with rehearsals for theatre club or music perforamances